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Dignity & Pride Through Purposeful Service

Providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors is a critical aspect of operating a thriving institution. The impression your facilities leave on people is lasting and tangible. Student enrollment, faculty and staff recruiting and retention and overall image of your institution are all impacted by the standards set for both the health and appearance of your campus. We understand this and our programs are specifically designed to exceed the expectations of our partner institutions.

Each campus is different, so we don’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” approach. We take a customized approach to program design at each campus we serve. We consider cleaning specifications, building type, traffic patterns, floor surfaces and other unique aspects of each building on campus.

While each facility is unique, standardization of systems plays a critical role in ensuring consistent service delivery. This is reflected in our commitment to ensuring a standardized, sustainable approach.

Who We Work With

Corporate Facilities

We’re proud to work with many major corporate headquarters and service office buildings of all sizes.  Our 50+ years of experience brings a level of quality service you can trust and rely upon.

Industrial Facilities

We partner with multiple organizations in the upkeep of plant and warehouse space.

Medical Facilities

We serve medical facilities in both large and small scale operations.

Public Institutions

We serve K-12 schools across the country in both large and small scale operations.  We have an average partner tenure of 10+ years.

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