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Experienced Medical Cleaning


Clean-Tech Company provides cleaning and maintenance services for medical buildings, surgery centers, exam rooms, and hospitals.  We understand the importance of proper disinfecting and sanitation, as well as maintaining the spotless appearance your visitors and employees expect.  Clean-Tech Company follows all specifications of HIPPA and OSHA regulations.


The Right Management

The key to ongoing success for any cleaning program is having the best possible management.  When you choose Clean-Tech Company, we will assign one of our handpicked and highly qualified managers to oversee the care of your facility.  Our managers have proven their ability to effectively and efficiently manage the people, materials, equipment, and supplies necessary to maintaining medical spaces.  With our responsive management and range of customizable services, you will discover that Clean-Tech Company is qualified and prepared to manage all the maintenance needs of your medical facility.

Who We Work With

Corporate Facilities

We’re proud to work with many major corporate headquarters and service office buildings of all sizes.  Our 50+ years of experience brings a level of quality service you can trust and rely upon.

Industrial Facilities

We partner with multiple organizations in the upkeep of plant and warehouse space.

Medical Facilities

We serve medical facilities in both large and small scale operations.

Public Institutions

We serve K-12 schools across the country in both large and small scale operations.  We have an average partner tenure of 10+ years.

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