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For over 50 years, Clean-Tech Company has been providing high-quality custodial services specializing in cleaning and maintenance of major corporate headquarters, office buildings, medical facilities, public and educational institutions.  In order to provide high-quality services in an efficient and cost-effective manner, we have to stay constantly in tune with the ever-changing industry technology, tools and practices.  Clean-Tech prides itself on staying abreast of changes that are constantly taking place within the custodial services industry.

Our primary supplier for cleaning chemicals is Diversey.  Diversey Corporation was founded in Chicago in 1923.  We enjoy a very close working relationship, and we rely on them to keep us updated on the latest innovations in cleaning chemistry and processes.  Additionally, we have several national contracts with leaders in equipment, paper supplies, can liners and hand soap.  From Advance, Square Scrub, KaiVac, Windsor/Karcher Group to Georgia Pacific, Kimberly-Clark, Heritage and GoJo.  Clean-Tech enjoys both competitive pricing and presentations of the newest, most efficient equipment and supplies in the marketplace from the market leaders in professional cleaning.

Clean-Tech understands both the technical and human component of professional cleaning.  We have 50 years of history and records of countless time and motion studies of each of the various janitorial tasks with a variety of different tools.  From cleaning a restroom to vacuuming an office with a back-pack vacuum or an upright vacuum, Clean-Tech knows the step-by-step processes AND the time requirements to deliver a quality job.  Knowing the time required and the tools required to obtaining optimum efficiency leaves only the human component to enter the equation.  We are experts at understanding people – especially the people who are professional custodians.  Be it team cleaning or zone cleaning deployment or a combination of both, Clean-Tech uses every ounce of the knowledge we have learned to maximize efficiency and deliver quality simultaneously.

Clean-Tech combines time/motion studies of each specific cleaning task with the best tool for each task with the knowledge of how to work with people to achieve maximum efficiency.  The result delivers quality cleaning in the least amount of time while maintaining a stable and steady workforce.”


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