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Training And Safety

Establishing A Shared Path For Success

Clean-Tech believes the one critical factor that differentiates us from our competition is our ongoing commitment to training.

We understand that operations at your facility are driven by the associates.  We provide associates with opportunities to develop, whether for specific job skills, business acumen or interpersonal competence.  We value the idea that all associates have a natural desire to learn, grow and be part of a successful, fulfilling team.

Annual Training Hours Per Associate


Percentage Who Participated in Professional Training


Annual Time Invested In Training Associates

46,080 Hours

Associate Training

  • Clean-Tech conducts a formal training session every month in the building. The training is documented and shared with our partner in a monthly report.
  • In-House Training – Clean-Tech utilizes weekly training sessions to instruct correct use of various pieces of equipment or how to properly mix and apply the various chemicals we use, risk management, etc. These training sessions are conducted by Clean-Tech management.

Management Training

  • Clean-Tech has developed a systemized training program that teaches the leadership skills necessary to be a successful manager.  It is conducted by the Regional Operations Manager in conjunction with other key managers within the company.  Continued education and support are included in the program.
  • Based onClean-Tech’s supervisory model, there is constant involvement and oversight on the campus.  Clean-Tech’s leadership training is based on strong relationships and a customized approach.  Our philosophy is to enable, not just hold accountable.
  • Clean-Tech hosts an annual leadership conference at our corporate headquarters in St. Louis.  We bring each director into St. Louis and convene to train, learn and share best practices during an intensive two-day conference.
  • Clean-Tech periodically sends our supervisors to off-site training programs to learn new systems, applications, procedures or equipment.

Professional Learning Culture

Safety Training

A safe and positive work environment is of the utmost importance to Clean-Tech Company. Or safety training program is designed to enable associates to recognize and prevent unsafe practices in the workplace.

Safety Training Chart

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