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Workspace Readiness

How to create healthier, more welcoming commercial spaces

As offices and other commercial buildings continue to reopen – some after more than a year – people are eager to interact with colleagues face-to-face and return to a more normal routine.

There are still plenty of questions, though, about what “normal” should look like and how businesses will integrate cleaning and disinfecting into their workspaces. Right now, we see an important opportunity to create environments that balance cleanliness with comfort, offering a safe, welcoming space for all.


How the pandemic will change office schedules – remote, in-house or hybrid – remains to be seen, but we do know the majority of people want the option of working in a company space at least some of the time.

In addition, businesses like medical facilities, laboratories, manufacturing plants, and warehouses need onsite teams to operate. For these and similar commercial spaces, navigating the pandemic has presented a host of challenges that are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for commercial spaces. Done right, your custodial program will give a great first impression and reassure everyone who enters.


Building owners and managers should feel comfortable leaning on their custodial services provider to navigate the new landscape created by COVID-19. Here are just a few ways your custodial services provider can help you welcome people back – whether that’s today, next month, or on a “wait and see” basis.

An experienced custodial services team will collaborate with you to create an integrated disinfecting plan tailored to your specific needs – including fluctuating space usage, phased reopenings, and urgent cleaning tasks related to Coronavirus exposures.

Tap into your commercial cleaning team’s expertise for the design, implementation, continuous support, and quality assurance of your plan. In addition, make sure they have the resources and expertise to scale services up or down, so you have a seamless response to emerging issues.

A detailed Workplace Readiness plan helps reassure workers and the public that their well-being is your top priority, and that clear steps are in place to create a safer workplace environment.

It makes sense, then, to invest in enhanced cleaning and disinfecting with a Workplace Readiness plan that anticipates shifting priorities. When service levels are flexible and responsive, you’re better able to manage expenses while maintaining health and safety standards.


Long before the Coronavirus pandemic, commercial properties across the nation had already begun embracing the challenge of sustainability. These days, people expect businesses to cut waste, improve energy efficiency, and consider the environmental implications of day-to-day operations.

Contrary to popular belief, sustainable practices are not at odds with financial prudence. A commercial space that incorporates sustainable practices can save money and attract workers and customers who consider “going green” a non-negotiable.

The first step toward creating a more sustainable space is to get the expert input of a facilities management team. Bringing in an outside contractor gives you a chance to explore environmentally conscious options and build a cohesive improvement plan.

A key opportunity for any commercial building is earning LEED certification. The right facilities management team will guide you through the process in any areas they can impact, including occupant recycling and waste stream audits.

And as commercial buildings adopt more vigorous cleaning and disinfecting programs, your custodial services team will know which EPA-approved cleaning solutions are correct for different spaces – labs versus restrooms, for instance. The right team also has rigorous training in disinfectant safety data sheets, OSHA standards, and CDC COVID-19 recommendations, among other skills.

All this creates a more focused, efficient approach to disinfecting and cleaning activities, saving time and money by ensuring cleaning tasks are done safely and correctly the first time.

Of course, health and safety are absolutely top-of-mind. With the right plan in place, you can balance environmental care with stringent cleaning standards, attracting and retaining employees and customers.


The right custodial management technology can contribute to better efficiency and lower expenses across the board.

Whether documenting cleaning and disinfecting tasks or sharing vital information within the workplace, technology plays an increasingly significant role in the world of facilities services. In fact, software platforms can empower business owners by providing custom reports – even in real-time – that document when, where, and how your custodial team is working.

But don’t overlook the importance of community outreach. In the hands of a dedicated custodial services team, specialized software can help respond to urgent situations, convey vital information to people in the building, and strengthen trust with the public – all helping to weather the COVID-19 crisis.


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